100th Anniversary Project

Canadian Girls In Training is celebrating its 100th Anniversary. As part of the celebration, the CGIT girls of the St. Mary’s Road United Church group want to know what CGIT was like in your day.

CGIT began in 1915! The anniversary will be celebrated more ways than one, but for the girls of St. Mary’s Road United, finding out about CGIT in years past seemed like a fun way to mark the anniversary. We went online to find out what life was like in each of the decades and found out some very interesting things (did people really wear their hair like that in the ’80s?). Now, we’d like to hear firsthand what CGIT was like in the past from alumnae; stories, photos, info about popular culture of the time… we’re interested in it all.

We had originally planned to just enjoy the stories in our group, and maybe at CGIT Camp Brereton (July 5-9), but now we’re thinking that it would be fun to share them at the anniversary event in the fall, and even maybe make a digital scrapbook of them.

Your stories and photos can be emailed to us at Please indicate if it is okay for us to share them at the anniversary event and/or in a digital scrapbook/book.

CGIT holds special memories for many girls and women, of many generations. Like a lot of groups of its kind, the numbers have been dwindling in recent years. Our group at St. Mary’s Road United is the only group in all of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. We don’t let that dampen our spirits though. We want to celebrate what CGIT means to us, and we’d love to learn more about what CGIT has meant to so many others before us. Please help us spread the word – tell all the CGIT alumnae you know. It’s win-win… they’ll get a trip down memory lane, and we’ll get one more piece of wonderful Canadian history.


The St. Mary’s Road United Church CGIT Group

July 10, 2014

Dear family,

Christmas in July!!!! Last night the people from Variety brought in 10 new kayaks for our camp, and we got to unwrap them!! Then today we all got in and had a kayak ride! It was an amazing last day of camp. Except for the cleaning, the mopping, the bathrooms, and the finding-all-my-stuff. I think I have one of my friends’ socks. But I also came home with some great memories of a great camp, and we all have great plans for next year’s camp. LOL!!


Your Campe

July 9, 2014

Hi, family,

Last full day!! This morning there was a lot of fog, and later we made a lot of pizza dough! Then we canoed to the regatta at the beach and we met our new friend Kevin who is a crayfish. Don’t worry, we released him–today was all about freedom. Fabulous pizza for dinner, with fabulous handmade crust. Super excited about our sleepover at the new lodge!! See you tomorrow!


Your Camper

July 8, 2014

Dear family,

Clearly, more spiders were stomped on than we had planned, because it rained again this morning.

We had a great discussion about power–what is it, who has it, how about bullying. It was amazing. We made super hero costumes for ourselves, then we all went into the lodge and all the staff had turned into bullies with moustaches, terrible tattoos, and very bad attitudes. We played dodge ball but the superheroes used our superpowers and got the bullies to play on our teams.

Then in the evening we had a formal dinner with white tablecloth, lots of courses, very good manners and two princesses. Dinner took two hours and we had four courses of fabulous food!!

It was a bit awkward at first, but then we took selfies and had a great time!


Your Camper

July 7, 2014

Hi, family!

Here at Camp Brereton we have seen some really interesting wildlife–there’s a young deer that lives by the dock–she crossed the path RIGHT in front of one of our campers this morning!

Then when we were doing our character builders, we found a large spider who had made a home in the rubber glove that one of us needed. Luckily the nurse was there to check the glove after it left.

A few spiders lost their lives when we cleaned the canoes out before we went out–and then it rained!! Is that superstition really true?


Your Camper

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