Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dear Family,

After we arrived at camp and put our stuff away we went up to the lodge and played a get to know you game with Skittles. Then we talked about the camp theme which is the 30 Human Rights. We took the four elements of our CGIT Purpose; Cherish Health, Seek Truth, Know God, and Serve Others, and divided each human right into the element we thought it fit best. Over the four morning reflections at camp we will discuss the human rights under each element. 

We had a very tasty pasta dinner, tidied up, and headed to Vespers, led by the staff. We will be leading Vespers the other evenings. After that we went to campfire and sang some songs and played some games. A late snack followed and then bed where Twila, our counsellor, read us a couple chapters of the Gordon Korman book “I Want To Go Home”. 

Tomorrow we are supposed to be going kayaking. We’re super excited!

Good night!

Your Camper


Early Bird deadline – May 15th

Don’t miss the early bird deadline! For one thing, it’s cheaper. $50 cheaper. For another thing, we need to know as far in advance how many campers we’re going to have so we can get enough staff. Registrations that come in later may not be accepted if we can’t find staff to cover those numbers of campers.

So register now and make sure you have a space!