July 8, 2014

Dear family,

Clearly, more spiders were stomped on than we had planned, because it rained again this morning.

We had a great discussion about power–what is it, who has it, how about bullying. It was amazing. We made super hero costumes for ourselves, then we all went into the lodge and all the staff had turned into bullies with moustaches, terrible tattoos, and very bad attitudes. We played dodge ball but the superheroes used our superpowers and got the bullies to play on our teams.

Then in the evening we had a formal dinner with white tablecloth, lots of courses, very good manners and two princesses. Dinner took two hours and we had four courses of fabulous food!!

It was a bit awkward at first, but then we took selfies and had a great time!


Your Camper

July 7, 2014

Hi, family!

Here at Camp Brereton we have seen some really interesting wildlife–there’s a young deer that lives by the dock–she crossed the path RIGHT in front of one of our campers this morning!

Then when we were doing our character builders, we found a large spider who had made a home in the rubber glove that one of us needed. Luckily the nurse was there to check the glove after it left.

A few spiders lost their lives when we cleaned the canoes out before we went out–and then it rained!! Is that superstition really true?


Your Camper

July 6, 2014

Hi, family back home,

Today was a great day. At first I thought this would be really awkward. But the girls are fantastic and the counsellors are amazing! We played a game with M&Ms and it turned out that you could eat one M&M when it was your turn, but only after you told the group something about yourself!! And the more M&Ms you had, the more things to share. We heard a lot about pets and people’s shoe sizes…

The cabins have campers’ names written on the walls. Some of the names have been here since before texting was even invented!

Tomorrow we are going canoeing. I am hoping the canoes were built after texting was invented!!


Your Camper

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