Monday, July 10, 2017

Hello Family,

Today was beautiful out. We got to go kayaking and had a blast. After just kayaking around the bay a bunch and having a lot of fun we headed out to the island where we ended up startling a family of ducks, causing one of the babies to get separated from the others. It ended happily though because our brave lifeguard, Roxanne, rescued the little guy and returned him to his family. 

We had a ‘monk’s dinner’which means silence. If you talk or laugh you get your utensils and then the use of your hands taken away, which makes it difficult to eat, and harder for the others not to laugh. Some of us had a very hard time not laughing. 
Vespers and Campfire were wonderful and so were the S’mores we made. 

Tomorrow afternoon we have ‘Paint Nite’ and we’re all looking forward to it a lot. 



Your Camper

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  • Lea Clarke

    Congratulations on the duck rescue. Kayaking sounds fun. I hope no one stood up in the kayak and fell in …. cause that wouldn’t be fun! I love s’mores. I hope your “paint nite” is dry! I have been to some wild Paint Nites.

    Monk’s dinner would never work in our house, silence is never an option although my son would be thrilled not to have to use utensils, as he considers them to slow down the feeding process.

    Glad to read your Camper tales!

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