Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dear Family,

Rain, rain, go away!

Today was rainy. One big consolation was the delicious soup we had for lunch – that warmed us all up. Today we painted and was it ever fun. Difficult, but fun. The staff said they’d never heard us all so quiet. All of our pictures turned out different and they were all beautiful!

Tonight we had Vespers, Campfire, and snack in the lodge because of the weather and then played a game. 

We hope it clears up tomorrow. 


Your Camper

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  • Lea Clarke

    Soup is always good on a rainy day! A good book & blanket curled up next to the fireplace would also be a good rainy day activity. But not too close cause that would be dangerous!

    We learn more when faced with adversity than we do when everything goes as planned. We develop an attitude of “I can do this” if we proceed ahead not letting the outside world influence us.

    It may be rainy but I like to think of rain as heavens gates opening and we a washed with love from above.

    Rainy days remind us to slow down and appreciate the Sun!

    I have a magnetic that says “God sends rainy days so gardeners can get their inside work done!”

    Enough rain-is-ims!

    May Gods faith guide you in all your paths!

    Faith can not be washed away by the “rain”.
    Faith carries us above troubled waters, builds a boat, adds a sail and takes us to calmer waters. It is our life’s compass.

    Happy journey, Campers!

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